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Discover Portugal

Having your wedding in Portugal is an excellent choice, from any point of view.

If you don’t know anything about Portugal, here’s the first thing to keep in mind: yes, it’s a small country, but its various regions are generously different from one another. This means that you will find a nice array of landscapes to choose from, according to your idea of a perfect wedding setting.

Find out more about each one of these welcoming regions: the Douro River vineyards, the artistic Porto, surf and snowboarding in Centro de Portugal, the modern and buzzing Lisbon, the golden plains of Alentejo, the Mediterranean feel of the Algarve

And, of course, the islands, being Madeira more cosmopolitan and the Azores more pristine.

Your perfect destination wedding in Portugal is waiting for you!

We have an impressive collection of selected wedding vendors that will meet and exceed your expectations. Take a look at their portfolios and find your match!

Douro rover and the North Douro rover and the North Oporto Centro de Portugal Lisbon Alentejo Alentejo Algarve Azores Islands Madeira Islands