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About Us

The Destination is a website about destination weddings in Portugal.

After many years editing Simplesmente Branco, the best-selected wedding directory and inspiration blog about weddings in Portugal, we knew our country had gathered a very impressive collection of venues and vendors for beautiful, warm, thoughtful weddings.

The quality of Portuguese professionals is indisputable and foreign couples are choosing our country more and more often for their dream destination wedding. Here, they find a perfect location to gather their globe trotter family and friends; a warm, sunny and bright atmosphere; breathtaking landscapes; delicious food and wines; and a range of wedding venues and vendors of the utmost quality.

We are sure that you will fall in love with Portugal and realize that this beautiful country by the sea is what you’ve been looking for your dream destination wedding.

Last, but certainly not least, you will find the price range of weddings in Portugal (even the most luxurious ones) very interesting and competitive.

Susana Esteves Pinto

Susana Esteves Pinto, a curator of quality and spark, has majored in communication design. She is the editor of Simplesmente Branco, S Magazine, and The Destination: weddings in Portugal. She is the author of Queres casar comigo? – guia prático para um dia muito feliz”, a practical guide for getting married, and host of the first edition of The Destination – international wedding conference.

She likes the urban rush and the latest buzz, has a thing for shoes, books and art postcards. Lives in Lisbon.

Welcome, let your journey begin!