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Read it like the French word for poppy flower (coquelicot), and you will immediately get a sense of their work: a combination of wilderness and sophistication, of delicateness and power.
Albane and Luis, the couple behind KCKliKO, are inspired by the seasons. They make spontaneous and wild bouquets, choosing unique species and valuing natural and local resources. They always respect the seasonality of plants. They like to mix large flowers with smaller ones, garden plants with wild ones, both open and buttoned and sometimes loaded with seeds, allowing the bouquet to continue to evolve. Some of those same seeds and plants are even good to grow, after the wedding.
«We are a small family business. We are gleaners. We are looking for a delicate way to touch the Earth.»

Alentejo . Algarve . Azores Islands . Centro de Portugal . Douro river and the North . Lisbon . Madeira Islands . Porto

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